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    For people who believe that Asia is a powder keg, from the Middle East to the Far East, the American continent is the only possible destination to emigrate to.
Many talk about Chile that hardly produces food in the north. What would happen, if due to hunger, the population from the northern deserts would have to go to the south? Chaos would break out. The south is not big enough for all of them and it's not tropical, so food cannot be produced all year round. Others talk about Uruguay, a country where they have hardly left any trees for the sake of cattle. But on the other side, pastures are contaminated with chemicals to make the grass grow faster. Some prefer Paraguay. Others talk about Canada, where there are bears and salmon... In my opinion, these countries do not offer solutions.
Hardly anyone can imagine that other conditions will prevail after the collapse. There won't be any pesticides nor fertilizers, however, soils that have been used commercially, won't work without lots of doping.