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  Survival Insurance
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    Unless you have arrived at this website by chance, you may already be considering to leave 'your country'. You have lived in your country for decades and for the majority of your fellow citizens your country still is fine, apart from some minor flaws.
You receive information from websites which are branded as 'Conspiracy Sites' and you can hardly talk to anyone about your problems. So the question arises whether you should leave 'your country' and go to another one. Go to another country which you have not visited yet and you do not know much about?
You should evaluate whether you have the courage to take this step - whether you want to bear the risk to leave 'your country' in favor of another one. Or does it take more courage to stay where you are? There will be no warranties in that other country. Neither milk nor honey will flow and no one can assure that the other country will be a better place to be in case of a crash. And if you leave your country, there might be no way back!