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  Survival Insurance     RELOCATE BEFORE THE CRASH
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  In 2008, I decided to look for an alternative place to live in, since I believe that the collapse of the system will be of devastating proportions, in the Western World. Germany, the country that I am coming from and the rest of Central Europe, which is densly populated, was not acceptable to me as a Bug-Out-Location. Eventually, I chose Panama, which I knew very well as I had been involved there in a reforestation project, since 2006. Panama offers perfect conditions and is one of the few choices that emigrants nowadays have, since Southeast Asia is heavily over populated and terrorism is becoming a serious and growing threat, in that region.
In 2010, I bought the land for the Finca Bayano project. Today, a 'Survival Insurance' for an uncertain future is being created: We are building a small village in which religion plays no role and politically extreme opinions are not represented. Eventually, the goal of self-sufficiency has almost been reached.
Finca Bayano is located 200 miles west of Panama City (8°06'N - 81°20'W) at an altitude of 1,600 feet above the sea. About one hundred people are going to live on the area of 75 acres. There are sufficient amounts of water, the region is sparsely populated and there are no tropical diseases. Contamination of industrial plants or power stations does not exist in this part of Panama. Also, there are no active volcanoes and there have been no major earth quakes in recent decades. Chemtrails are not an issue as there are no flight routes over this area.

If, after all, there should be a real 'Change' in the USA, Europe might also take a shift in direction. But what should improve if the system can only be kept alive by printing more money? Paying debts with debts is like filling holes with holes! It's too late to fix the problems and, therefore, the crash is inevitable..
I am happy to answer all your questions. Before we talk, please visit the following links: How much does it cost to emigrate to Panama? Which documents are necessary? How do I to get to Finca Bayano? How can I buy land?

Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail!