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  The idea of farming together with like-minded people originated in 2010. By then, I was looking for alternative locations since I believed that it would be impossible to survive the collapse of the system in Europe. Especially Germany, the country that I am coming from, and the rest of Central Europe which is densly populated, was not acceptable to me as a Bug-Out-Location. Eventually, I chose Panama, which I knew very well as I had been involved there in a reforestation project since 2006. Panama offers the best conditions and is one of the few choices that emigrants still have nowadays, since Southeast Asia is also experiencing terrorist attacks.
Early in 2010, I started looking for the land for the Finca Bayano project. A number of conditions had to be fulfilled. Most importantly, the land had to be located in a reasonable distance to the citiy as well as far away from the borders. And, of course, I wanted water all year round. Eventually, in June 2010, I bought the land in the Veraguas region. Today, self-sufficiency is almost archieved. We are building a small village for people that have similar ideas and one similar goal: survival in peace! Our attitude towards religion is neutral, however, anyone that joins us may practice peaceful Christian religion. Political extremes are not accepted.
Finca Bayano, 75 acres in size, is located about 200 miles west of Panama-City, at an altitude of 1,600 feet above sea level. About one hundred people will be living in the village in the near future. The coordinates are: 8°06'N and 81°20'W. The area is sparsely populated and there are no tropical diseases. A creek divides the farm into two equal halves; there is always enough water, even in the dry season. Industrial pollution is not existing and there are no power plants in the region. Also, there are no active volcanoes and there have been no major earth quakes in recent decades. Chemtrails are not an issue, since there are no flight routes over nearby areas..
Please visit the following links: How much does it cost to emigrate to Panama? Which documents are necessary? How do I to get to Finca Bayano? How can I buy land? Click on the pics on the right side to get more information.
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