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  Soil And Water   Ei Niño
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    According to weather records, in the  2015/2016 period there was the strongest 'El Niño' of the past 50 years. Most probably, this type of natural event has always been there, however, it has become a global problem because of the growing population.
in 2010,
when I was travelling through Panama, to look for the land for the Finca Bayano Project, there was an 'El Niño' event, too. By then, it was raining heavily at the Atlantic coast, as there was little rain on the Pacific coast. In the center of the country, however, the rainfall was well balanced. Therefore, I assume that it was a very good choice to buy land just in the middle between the two oceans, even if we are not too close to the coast.
'El Niño' will probably be followed by 'La Niña' which has contrary effects: more rain and lower temperature. Even then, we won't have to worry, because Finca Bayano has slight slopes
everywhere and flooding is impossible.