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  Soil And Water   Water Reservoirs
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    We have built five of these water reservoirs, but I must admit that this project cannot be considered a success. The plastic foil is the weak point. If a stone falls into the water, it gets a leak easily. If it is not covered completely, the sun destroys it quickly. In addition, the reservoirs are containing only 2,000 gallons/7,000 liters of water, which is a small amount. Therefore, I will apply different techniques in 2017.
I am thinking of big water basins, the bottom of which will be compacted with the backhoe in such a way that water is not flowing out. The basins are going to be built in higher areas of Finca Bayano, where creek water irrigation would be too expensive due to the large distance. The basins' volume will be above one million liters.
The combination of the dams at the creek and the basins in higer areas, will enable us in the future
to irrigate in the the dry season and in times of low rain fall during the rainy season.