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    The depth of the water flowing over this dam is about ten centimeters which is equal four inches. Dams are easier and cheaper to build than bridges and apart from that, water is retained for irrigation and fish breeding.
In 2017, this dam will be improved in two ways. The hight will be increased by about thirty centimeters/one foot and within the marked area, the creek bed will be broadened and deepened. Thus, the storage volume will increase to one million liters/250,000 gallons.
In order to breed fish, the water may no longer flow over the dam; o
verflow pipes with grids, to prevent the fish from leaving, will be installed. Two more dams will be built in the same way. The works are about to start at the end of January and I will release a video as soon as possible.
Actually, there is no reason to worry about water in Panama. Should there be any shortage, we have large amounts on the safe side.
Although 2015 is supposed to have been the strongest El NiƱo year ever, we had enough precipitation.