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  Soil And Water
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  Soil and water are becoming scarce by the day. In case that there is no power in your socket, on the day after the crash, there won't be water in your tap. If that happens, metropolitan areas will be affected immediately. City dwellers, who have not stored sufficient amounts of water and canned food, will have to leave their home within hours. In addition, 'modern' societies can be extremely violent and it's easy to imagine what will happen after supermarkets have been looted. So, if people will have to leave their homes, where will they go? Up-country, there is neither space nor food for them. Besides, the rural population is also not prepared for a collapse. Conflicts, like the 'Potato War' of 1923, in Germany, would be likely to happen. Since it can be assumed that the crash is brought about intentionally, this event may be expected in winter when there are no potatoes in the fields. To make things worse, after a general breakdown there will be no more artificial fertilizers nor pesticides to grow the plants that billions of people are feeding on. One has to end up wondering how many people will have to starve in the years ahead until food production will have returned to an organic base; especially in the industrialized countries.

In Panama, soil and water are sufficiently available to grow food all year round. Though there are more than 100 inches of anual rainfall, we have started to build three dams along the creek, each with a capacity of one million cubic feet. Such vast quantities of water will allow us to irrigate during periods with little rain. Also, we are not worried about drinking water as our spring has never run dry. In addition, we are planting fruit trees like cashew, orange, tangerine, pineapple, starfruit and coconut, among others, that mature during the dry season and have a high liquid content.

If you own land, you might have to defend it one day. If you don't... you'll better prepare for a tough diet. Because having no land means having nor water neither food. Therefore, agricultural land is the best investment.

Prepare! Don't Despair!