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  Ready... Steady... Crash!   No Guarantee!
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    I chose the American continent for my project because this part of the world remained unscathed in both wars. Since there are no conflicts here, nowadays, and there none to be expected, I think that America is the one and only continent to be. However, there is no guarantee for that. Whatever will be happening in Asia and ÔéČurope might affect us, too.
After concluding that Panama would be the best location, I had to find a small village in a sparsely populated area. I found Garnadera. When there will be a global crash, however, the situation may also deteriorate in Panama as the people of the cities will have to go back to the countryside. Panama City has only been developed in recent decades, and for that reason, almost all residents still have relatives in the province. This is where they will have to go to in a worste case scenario. Since Garnadera is very small, there are not too many that are going to come back in case of a crisis.
Photo: In Cuba, they have less to lose!