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  Ready... Steady... Crash!   "...Crash!"
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    Until a few years ago, there seemed to be no real reason to ask any questions. There was a war in one place and a coup somewhere else, and all of us knew that the world is not just, but things were fine for those who did not feel concerned. That changed in 2008. At that time, a considerable minority awoke from their deep sleep. Before that time, hardly anyone was thinking or speaking about what would have to happen eventually.
Maybe there will be no major war, but
certainly, there will be a major crash. It makes no sense to imagine what would happen on Day X, however, it does make sense to look for a safe place where you would like to be on that day. At Finca Bayano, we are hoping for the best and we are preparing for the worst. That's where you want to be on Day X.
'Live today and pay tomorrow' will take its revenge as the Crash is the payday on which those who are alive will have to pay their own debts, as well as the debts of their parents and their grand-parents.