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  Ready... Steady... Crash!   "Steady..."
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    By the end of 2008 I believed that the system is about to crash and I decided to sell my business, in Berlin, that I had managed for 19 years. After a decade of preparing for the worst, the Lehman collapse was the event that I thought would be the end of the system. Over-sensitive, I decided that I would have to leave Europe immediately. I was wrong, of course, but today, I would possibly do the same again.
In hindsight, it's easy to say that I have taken this decision years too early, but in hindsight, everything is easier. This way, I had more time to prepare in Panama. Although there are some things that I am missing here, I must say, that this decision was the most important one I have made in my life.
I had visited many countries to find out where to go. However, I did not like any other country as much as I like Panama. Everything is just right here as the country meets all the conditions to survive a possible collapse of the system.