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  Ready... Steady... Crash!
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    To me, "Ready..." was back in 1995. Maybe a little half-heartedly by then, because I could not imagine a real crash, but I was sure that demographical problems would make the system collapse one day. Especially, since the caucasian birth rate looks similar to the chart of the silver content of Roman coins in early centuries.
Meanwhile, the demographic situation in ÔéČurope is so bad that a deflationary collapse would have to happen if immigrants would stop coming. Should another ten years pass by without a war, more Muslims
than Europeans would be living in Europe. There's no need to think about the consequences...
After reading a lot and travelling to many countries, I decided to buy land in Panama, in 2006. When there were remarkable signs of a housing bubble in the US, in 2007, all my lights went on red. Even though my Restaurant in Berlin was running very well at that time, I considered selling the business in order to leave Germany, in 2008.