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  In my opinion, the collapse can't be avoided anymore. For that reason, burden sharing - like in Germany after the war - may be one of the consequences. Money in your account is no longer safe as it may be used for compulsory loans and your deposits can be blocked completely, like it happened in Cyprus in 2014. Apart from that, all assets are prone to lose value, incomes are declining as taxes are rising and crime is exploding as a civil war is approaching. Hyperinflation, the event that many are preparing for, is probably not going to happen. There may be a period of inflation, but in the end it's deflation which is likely to bring down the system.
In 2008, the industrial society has entered a crucial phase of its decline, and since the situation has worsened in recent years, a dramatic escalation may soon be expected. The population is divided as it was never before and the system can only be kept running with more debt and food stamps. Besides, a maximum of only one billion people can be fed on an organic basis. That's why the environment for a collapse is rather favourable, the possibilities to prepare for such an event, however, are rather limited. There are no 'Crash Certificates', that still make money in case of a crash, and precious metals are useless if there is deflation. In addition, in Western Countries, it makes no sense to buy a farm, since it's prone to be confiscated in case of food shortages after the crash. 

Certainly, such a scenario is terrible. But it makes no sense to close your eyes as you may only survive if you're able to adapt. Time may run out soon and once money transfer has been forbidden you may not buy land at Finca Bayano anymore. Once travel restrictions have been introduced you won't be able to come to Panama if need arises. Therefore, the best solution for future Finca Bayano residents is to move there now and prepare for things to come. In Panama, a collapse may be cushioned as food and water are always available. Apart from that, it's impossible to die of a freezing winter and it can be assumed that survival conditions at Finca Bayano, after a crash, will be far better than in industrialized countries.

You'd Better Leave A Few Years Too Early Than One Hour Too Late!