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  Projects   The Village Of Garnadera
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    Like the village itself, the church is very modest. It is located opposite to our house. Especially at new moon and when there is no power at night time, the stars are particularly nice to see from here.
Otherwise, there's a whole lot of nothing in Garnadera. There are no chemtrails and there is no industry, there are no accidents and no street gangs, no drug dealers and no "rapefugees"; there are five cars and 100 horses. And, of course: There is Finca Bayano. According to Google Earth
the village center square is at 8°05'51,0 N and 81°28'56,0 W. The spelling of the village is wrong at Google Earth. The village is not called Carnadera but Garnadera.
Currently, I am employing 15 workers
who are earning 300 US$ each. Due to the fact that they are self-sufficient living in their own houses, they are able to save half of their salary. As soon as we are going to open our natural food stores, we will need about three times the amount of workers and considerably more money will flow into the village.