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    This basketball backboard has been lying on the ground in the Garandera village square for years. The administration is either not very much interested in their youth or they simply do not have the money to repair the backboard. Very soon, I will take care of this personally. It would be a shame to let it rust away.
First, the pole needs a new concrete foundation and then there is a little bit of welding like the basket, which eventually also needs a net. The paint jobs will be done by the children so that they feel they have done something, too. And of course, I'll bring a basketball from Santiago as soon as the backboard is ready.
Besides, my son Marlon wants to found a soccer club and Finca Bayano will sponsor the jerseys. I have already repaired
the soccer goals which were also out of order for years, however, nets are still missing. Maybe I wil find some fishing nets on my next visit at the beach.