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    Apart from heat, light, air and water, plants also need nutrients. They can be found in the soil, however, often there are not sufficient quantities of nutrients available.
As described in this Video, we have achieved very good results with
false sunflower - Tithonia diversifolica. Yucas and bananas are growing much better being mulched with false sunflowers. 30,000 Tithonias are already growing at Finca Bayano, another 20,000 are going to be planted in 2017. A special video will be released in May.
According to this study, the false sunflower does not only
contain nitrogen but small amounts of phosphorus, too. Both elements are essential incredients of fertilizers. False sunflowers take nitrogen out of the air and store it. If the plant is chopped and used for mulching, nitrogen and phosphorus are released and serve as fertilizers in the soil. A part of the nitrogen passes through the plant directly into the soil improving its quality.