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    This dam was located outside Finca Bayano between the Farm Lands A4 and A7 on the land of the Ministry of Agriculture (MIDA). The basin had a surface of about one hectare and it contained about 30,000 cubic meters (7.5 million gallons) of water. That's an amount, you would be happy to have in case of an emergency. The water, that comes from there, is feeding the creek at Finca Bayano.
Unfortunately, the dam broke in 2011. The basin ran emty and the floods caused major damages at Finca Bayano. For several hours, our creek had a water level that was more than one meter above normal.
Today, it looks quite different. Four years later, some of the trees that are growing in the basin are more than ten meters high due to the soil which is very fertile and moist.
I have been negotiating with the Ministry in the hope that I can buy the land to rebuild the dam to have enough water in times of trouble.