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  The improvement of the soil, in conjunction with the mulching of the plants, is the most important project in the year 2017 and beyond. I have achieved a lot since 2010 but there is still a lot of work to do. When I bought the property in 2010, fifteen cows were trampling over the land destroying it a bit more every day. In other words: One single cow needed two hectares to eat because the grass did not grow well anymore. The heavyweights compacted the soil with their hooves and created deep ruts which became streams in the rainy season, accelerating the erosion of the land. Today, the soil is much more fertile. Thousands of plants such as fruit trees, yuca, bananas and false sunflowers thrive at Finca Bayano; thousands will added in the years to come.
Irrigation is another very important issue. It remains to be seen whether the climate change is man-made, whether it is in line with a normal range or if there is a change at all. So far, precepitations have been sufficient and I hope it will remain that way. In 2015 it even rained a couple of times during the dry season which had a very good impact on the plants. Nevertheless, there is the possibility that dry seasons extend beyond the normal period. For that reason, precautions must be taken. It is very expensive to irrigate, but it would be fatal not to have water reserves when they are needed.
Apart from the development of Finca Bayano, social contacts with the local population are of of a very big importance to us.
In 2017, I will promote the village with some small projects. There is virtually nothing here - not even a football club. That's where a small input can help a lot and some sports events, for example, are very suitable to archieve what we need: good relations. Furthermore, all of our workers come from the village Garnadera. I am paying the minimum salary of 1.46 US$ per hour, which sounds sounds like next to nothing, however, it's doing a lot. When you make 11 dolars daily and you only need five to survive you have six that you may safe. That takes you to monthly savings of 150, which many Western people do not have...
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