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    To drive safely during the rainy season, we have fortified the most important roads with gravel at Finca Bayano.
More than a kilometer of road has been built
in this way: Two channels with a width of about 50 centimeters/20 inches are dug and filled with stones. On a flat surface, a depth of five centimeters/two inches is sufficient. Uphills and downhills, however, the channels must be dug as deep as ten centimeters/four inches and bigger stones must be used in order not to be washed away by the rain. This requires much more work, of course.
Since we do not have big amounts of gravel at Finca Bayano, the stones have to be brought from the quarry in Las Palmas. To make road building easier, i am planning to buy a roller to compact the soil. In the worste case, snow chains have to be used.
The roads should not have a gradient of more than five percent because we might be depending on horses in the future. For that reason, some of the roads have to be rebuilt in the next years.