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  My Big Yellow Friend
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    The 'Big Yellow Backhoe' is my new friend. As a child, when I was playing in the sandbox, I never imagined that one day I would drive a real backhoe. Today, it's the best part of my work, as long as nothing goes wrong. Sitting in the air-conditioned cockpit, I am listening to music of the time when I was playing in the sandbox, with my "Beats Bluetooth headphone". That fits.
In this photo I am moving a big chunk of about three tons. Since this stone does not fit in the shovel, it has to be moved piece by piece. After pulling it three meters with the small shovel, the lateral supports have to lifted and the machine has to be moved another three meters in order to keep on dragging. After moving the stone into the middle of the road, I turned the machine around to push it with the big shovel.
What looks like smoke is dust produced by abrasion on the surface of the stone when the teeth of the shovel were slipping.