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    The Finca Bayano Team from left to right: Faustino, Cesar, Juni, Climaco, Noriel, Pl├ícido, Felix, Adalberto and Miguel, the foreman. Ten more workers are working temporarily to collect horse dung, to take mulch to Finca Bayano and, of course, in the planting season, from May until October, when banana seedlings and the like is needed.
The workers live in Garnadera village, a ten minute walk from Finca Bayano. Since they live in their own homes and grow the biggest part of their food themselves, the 15 dollars they earn daily, still contribute significantly to improve their standard of living. Higher wages would kill the Finca Bayano project.
rainforest-invest is the only employer apart from the Ministry of Agricultural Development in the area. Thus, we have the opportunity to do something good for the Garnadera village residents; it is very important for us to live in harmony with the local community.