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    Certainly, there are security questions in the view of crashing economies. What will happen in Panama when the export sector collapses, when foreigners no longer invest in real estate, when the canal doesn't generate any more income?
As I said before: there are no guarantees in Panama. I am here because I believe bad things will happen in Europe and I expect Panama to be much calmer. Due to Glabalization and a bigger population, however, it may not be as calm as it was during WWII. Nevertheless, it should be possible to survive in this country. Yes, there are places in Panama City where you don't want to go to, but upcountry it's like it was 50 years ago in Europe..
Today, our security is guaranteed by a good relationship with our Panamanian neighbors. In the second place, we have started to breed dogs for security and eventually, foreigners are allowed to buy arms one year after they have been granted a residence permit. The process of application costs around 500
US$ and takes about six months.