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    Home-Schooling is possible since school is not compulsory in Panama. If you wish to send your children to school, there is a public primary school in walking distance, for children from six to eleven, opposite to Finca Bayano. A regular bus service takes the children to the public secondary school in Las Palmas, five miles from Finca Bayano. There are no school fees in public schools. The closest private school is in SonĂ¡ 25 miles from Finca Bayano. There are universities in Panama City, Santiago and David. 
It must be said, nevertheless, that the Panamanian school system is not as good as the one of Western countries. That might change after the crash. Whether the Western education system will fall back to the standard of 1945 or whether there will be no more teaching at all, remains to be seen. However, it can be assumed, that schools and universities in Panama continue to function normally.
The "Youth Protection Act" states that minors are not allowed to work.
Photo: Escuela Arosemena in Santiago