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    Nowadays, Western health care is better than the Panamanian. Should there be a crash, however, Panama would be the better choice, because then, Western standards may not be maintained. For that reason, I recommend to emigrate to Panama in time. Natural remedies and organic food can be produced year-round in tropical regions.
It's about 25 miles from Finca Bayano to the next modern hospital, in Sona, where treatments for locals, and foreigners with a residence permit, are free. There are private clinics in Panama City, David and Santiago. At CMP, even the most demanding operations are carried out. Their first class treatment, however, has it's price. It may be compared to hospitals in Ney York or London.
People who want to emigrate to Panama, can keep their existing foreign insurance with the permission of their insurance company. Otherwise, it is possible to get a private insurance in Panama at reasonable prices. An adult, at 50, pays around 150$ per month.