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  Immigration   Details
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    To get a residence permit takes about six months. Applicants do not have to stay in Panama during this period. The visa "Friends of Panama" allows citizens of 42 countries to immigrate easily. A company must be incorporated to show the intention of doing business in the country and an account with a minimum balance of 5,000 US$ has to be opened at a local bank. Those are the documents needed.
The residence permit is temporary for one year. It may be renewed for one more year and after that period it may be rewed again. After three years it's permanent. A work permit may be applied for once the residence permit has been granted.
The application takes about three months. After five years in Panama, residents may apply for the citizenship. Visitors get a six month tourist visa when they enter the country for the first time.
Photo: Indios are selling their handicrafts at Avenida Balboa in Panama City.