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  Some people are calling emigrants traitors. Should we emigrants feel guilty, however, not to follow 'our' government into the collapse? Should we stay in a country that has no future? Apart from that, it wasn't us who caused the chaos! Most emigrants are leaving because they don't expect improvements in their countries anymore. Look at the last decades: Nothing has been improved - things went from bad to worse, instead. And now it's too late - the crash is coming! Therefore it's high time to emigrate and bring your savings to Panama, while you still can. Anything wrong with that? Greeks who transferred their money to a safer country in recent years did exactly the right thing. Most of those who didn't, cannot transfer any money anymore today, as they have become too poor. Greece has already been ruined; other countries are to follow.
In Panama, the cost of living is low and taxes are insignificant. The maximum income tax is at 27%. Income generated outside the country, is tax-free. For example: If you're living in Panama and you're making money outside the country through the internet, you have to pay zero taxes. Any doubts? Ask the lawyer! I have been working with PGS Attorneys for ten years. If you build a house, or if you buy one, there is no property tax for 20 years. Agricultural revenues are tax free up to 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) dollars. We will enjoy this, once we are starting to sell Finca Bayano products. Another advantage is the low cost of fuel: One gallon of diesel, for instance, is at US$ 1.90.
I don't want to say that low taxes are the main reason to emigrate to Panama. If things were alright in your country, you wouldn't mind to pay taxes there. Fiscal paradise is just one of the many arguments to emigrate to Panama.

With a monthly pension of 1,000 US$ the 'Retiree Visa' can be applied for.
However, I also recommend the 'Friendly Nations Visa' to pensioners because it's impossible to get a work permission with the 'Retiree Visa'.
In Panama: Make Half As Much Money... You Still Have The Same!