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  Emigrate While You Still Can
  (Civil) War In Europe
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    I was born in Miesau, a small village ten kilometers west of Ramstein airport, the biggest US Air Base in Europe. In the sixties, the American Air Force flew their Starfighters over our villages as if there were no tomorrow. Permanently, we could hear big bangs in the sky when an aircraft broke the sound barrier. We were all impressed by the noise as we were told that they were our protectors. Also, we were taught that we were in the center of action in the event of a nuclear war. Ramstein was around the corner and certainly bad-bad Russians had us on the top of their target list. A nuclear-death was said to be very fast. Maybe that's the reason why we were not afraid of a nuclear war.
Considering all the lies they have told us for decades, I wouldn't even be surprised to hear that a nuclear war was never planned. For that reason, I believe the probability of a civil war is much higher, because they never spoke about it. Maybe that's the reason why people still go to elections and put their cross where they are supposed to put it.