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  Emigrate While You Still Can   The Last Flight
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    If you are buying land at Finca Bayano you should think of moving to Panama at the same time. At least, in a timely manner. It would be a pity if you wouldn't make it to Panama on the last flight before Day X because you couln't book a ticket in time. Exactly that may happen to people who want to get the last dollar out of the system.
But it's not only about the last flight.
The time has come to think about the last residence permit. Most probably Latin American countries are not going to accept large numbers of refugees after SHTF. If one percent Europeans and one percent North-Americans would decide to leave, ten million caucasian refugees would be on their way to find a new home. That would possibly be too much for countries that are attractive for immigrants.
If you don't believe a mass exodus of caucasion people is possible in the very near future, you most probably wouldn't have expected a mass immigration of Arabs and Africans to Europe, in 2015.