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  Emigrate While You Still Can   Stay Or To Go?
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    It's good to have experienced some wonderful decades and it would be desirable to continue this way, but it's time to realize that all things must pass. Since 2008 the wind has changed and since 2015 is it's becoming more obvious where we are heading. In 2017, it might become much worse.
Many people who emigrated 20 years ago, left for health reasons to live in a warmer country. Others left temporarily, for economic reasons.
Today, it's 'Bug Out Locations' emigrants are looking for and the reasons to leave may be compared to those of the thirties of the last century, in Germany. People who left for South America by then, did not have to witness enormous damages. People who are leaving €urope now, will not have to witness damages beyond imagination - what has not been on the agenda 80 years ago, is very well on the agenda today: The total destruction of €urope. So what takes more courage? To stay or to go?