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  Emigrate While You Still Can   Too Early Or Too Late?
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    He who leaves too early is punished by life. So it has happened to me as I sold my business in Berlin, Germany a few years too early. I could have earnt a few €uros more, but as Lehman went bust in 2008, I believed that the system would be at its end. Overly sensitive, after reading and thinking about theories of the final collapse since the mid-nineties, I overhastily decided to sell my business and leave Germany in January 2009.
He who leaves too late, however, may be punished much harder. South Africa is a very good example. People who left that country until 2010, or earlier, had enough money to start a new life in another country. Today, that's hardly possible anymore. Many properties are no longer negotiable and the Rand is falling into a bottomless pit. 80,000 whites have been killed since 1994, and the rest of the white population, most probably, are going to face the same fate. For that reason, it's incredible that South Africa is advertised on expat websites.