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  Emigrate While You Still Can
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  I am often asked how long it will be possible to emigrate. Of course, I do not know that but I like to refer to Greece where this question has already been answered. Many of the Greeks who had the means to leave their country, in 2010, can no longer emigrate today. What was looking harmless by then may be called accelerated impoverishment by now. The standard of living is falling as the birth rate does and crime is rising as the suicide rate does. People from most other countries, who wonder about their future, should have a look at Greece. What's happening there now is probably going to happen in every other industrialized country. Starting with the smaller countries, as they are the 'trial balloons', followed by the larger ones. Many people believe it's a temporary crisis but things are getting worse all the time and eventually, it will no longer be possible to emigrate. That's how it was in Germany in the thirties, that's how it is in South Africa today; many white people would like to leave but they have become too poor to do so.

Besides Panama, there were few other Latin American countries that I was considering for a Bug-Out-Location. Costa Rica is a nice country, and may be compared to Panama in many ways, but it is too expensive and it's bordering with Nicaragua which was politically unstable in the past. In Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay, land is cheaper than in Panama, but as a European I did not feel welcome there. People in some countries tend to associate foreigners with the Spanish conquistadors of long gone centuries. Uruguay did not meet my conditions because the country has almost no more forests and in winter it's too cold to grow food.
Europe - the Canary Islands included - does not offer suitable places for a Bug-Out-Location
, because of the imminent danger of war. Asia is an overpopulated powder keg from the middle east to the far east. In Australia, there are tough restrictions on immigration, and apart from that, there is the risk of war in the South China Sea. Canada is too cold and other Latin American and African countries are too dangerous. The Pacific islands, as well as the Caribbeans are too small, and land is therefore extremely expensive.

When Travel Restrictions Are Signed Into Law, You Will Have To Stay, Too Late To Go...!