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    Several times, I have pointed out the importance that our project has been realized in an area that is sparsely populated. It will be impossible to survive in densely populated areas in the event of a real crisis. There won't be enough water and there won't be enough food in urban areas, in case of a collapse.
A good view over the area around Finca Bayano is provided at Google Earth. Our coordinates are 8°06' N and 81°20' W. West of Finca Bayano, there is the small village of Garnadera with 300 inhabitants in a very natural environment.
There are some shops in Las Palmas, seven kilometers/four miles away from Finca Bayano. I
n Soná, in a distance of 40 kilometers/25 miles there are banks, pharmacies, gas stations and a hospital. Everything else is available in Santiago, which is 80 kilometers/50 miles away. Panama City is about 220 miles away. By car, it takes about six hours to go to Panama City and it's a two hours drive to the nearest beach at Las Lajas on the Pacific coast.