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    The yellow line is the external border of Finca Bayano. The main entrance is located between the 'Farm Lands' A19 and A20. There is one secondary entrance between the 'Farm Lands' A14 and A29 and another one in the north between the 'Building Plots' B14 and B15 (Not seen on this image).
'Farm Lands' marked in different colors have been sold; the colors are of no relevance. 'Farm Lands' marked in black are still available. Roads are marked in white.
The village area begins north of the 'Farm Lands' A10, A12, A26 and A27.
'Farm Lands' have a minimum size of 3,000 square meters. A5, the smallest 'Farm Land', has an area of 0.5 hectares, A22 is 1.3 hectares in size. 'Farm Lands' may be divided and/or shared between several parties. The price starts from 8 US$ per square meter/0.72 US$ per square foot. Big animals, like cows or horses, may be be kept on 'Farm Lands' only. One hectare can accommodate as many as five big animals if the 'Farm Land' is well managed and irrigated.