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  Agreement   Building Plots
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    The yellow line is the boundary of the village. To the west, north and east, the line is also the Finca Bayano external border. South of the yellow line, there are the 'Farm Lands' starting with A10, A12, A26 and A27. Plots marked in different colors have been sold; plots marked in black are still available. Roads are marked in white. The community house will be built between the 'Building Plots' B1, B2 and B3. The most important spring is located between the 'Building Plots' B22, B24 and the 'Farm Land' A10, where the road makes a sharp bend.
'Building Plots' have an minimal size of 600 square meters. The price starts from 35
US$ per square meter. About 1,000 square meters are needed to produce food for a family of four on a vegetarian basis, if the land is irrigatied in the dry season. A number of small animals, such as chicken and rabbits, may also be kept on a 'Building Plot'. Horses and cows, however, need more space. A large animal needs a minimal grazing area of about 2,000 square meters.