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    Generally, employees are not paid well in Panama. Hence, it makes no sense to be employed. Being an employer, however, is a big advantage, as taxes are very low and laws are not killing. To open organic shops to sell Finca Bayano products, is the best solution that I am thinking of.
By the end of 2017 there will be big quantities of fruits and vegetables
at Finca Bayano that we may harvest and sell. Apart from that, we may offer first-class drinking water from our spring. Fish and chicken may be produced at reasonable cost. The first residents will come to Finca Bayano in April 2017 and I hope our community will soon be big enough to coordinate the production, the transport and the sale of our products.
This requires four teams. The first team will be responsible for growing
and harvesting the plants. The second team will buy fruits that we do not have as yet, like oranges, from our neighbors. The third team manages the transport and the fourth team organizes the sale.