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  Plan B   Buying Land
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    Building Plots are starting from 35 US$ per square meter, Farm Lands are starting from 8 US$ per square meter. Building Plots have a minimum size of 600 sqare meters, Farm Lands have a minimum size of 3,000 square meters. A Farm Land may be used by more than one party.
It takes at least 21,000 US$ to buy a Building Plot of 600 sqare meters (7,000 sqare feet). To build a house of 80 square meters (900 square feet) takes about 40.000 US$. The amount of 20,000 US$ is necessary, for one person, to obtain a residence as well as work permit and to set some money aside. Here you get more information.
600 sqare meters does not leave much space for a garden, however, it may be enough for one person. If you're a family of four,
living on a vegetarian diet or having a low demand for meat, a Building Plot of 1,000 square meters may be big enough to produce sufficient food. Certainly, you need more land if you want to keep horses and/or cows. We can talk about that on skype.