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  Plan B   Row House
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    Instead of buying a Building Plot for the construction of your home you can buy a Row House, from June 2017. This way, the money you safe can be invested in buying a Farm Land at Finca Bayano.
Row Houses will be built with two storeys. The price of one unit of 60 square meters starts from 35,000 US$. If you need more living area, you may buy a second or a third unit to extend your home to 120 or 180 square meters.
As mentioned, at Survival Insurance 04, one person needs 20,000 US$ for a residence and a work permit, for flights and relocation as well as some money set-aside. Adding 20,000 US$ to 35,000 US$, the option of a 60 square meter Row House, takes a minimum of 55.000 US$.
If you're a family of four and you need about 120 square meters living area, the minimum cost will be at around 100,000 US$. 70,000 US$ for the house and rest for the above mentioned costs.