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  Plan B   House Community
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    Our 'new' house is located at a distance of 400 meters to the entrance of Finca Bayano. I have bought the building in March 2015 from the Catholic Church. It served 20 years as a boarding school for girls but apparently there were not enough students anymore.
There are seven bed rooms with an area of 400 square meters which is equal to 4.500 square foot and there are three bathrooms with and a large kitchen. An extension of three rooms, or even more, is possible. Have a look at this PDF to see some images and get some ideas.
I bought the house, in the first place, for people who do not have too much money and, therefore, have to pay rent. Young people possibly don't contribute with money but physical energy. This aspect should not to be underestimated, because wealthy people at times are a bit older.
Another house could be built in the garden, which has an area of more than 6,000 sqare meters.