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  30 years ago we were told that we are going to be in trouble within the next 30 years. The time is up, we are in trouble! Certainly, we won't be granted another 30 as the next exit is 'Game Over'. For that reason, it's time for 'Plan B'. In this case, 'B' is the abbreviation for 'Bug-Out-Location'. Do you have one already? What could be the consequences of 'Game Over'? Would it be as bad as WWII? Would it even be worse? Would we have to face an absolute disaster? Are you prepared for such a scenario? Have you stored food, medicines, and fuels? Do you have a safe place where you can grow food, too? In what location does it make sense to store things and grow food? But worst of all: What will happen to people who do not have a 'Plan B' on the day 'Game Over' is around the corner?

Things are still calm today, however, as soon as the situation would deteriorate to reduce the standard of living below the limit of what is acceptable in a democracy, a police state would be created. Restrictions would follow: The internet would be regulated, free speech would be forbidden and the army would be in control of your home town. Lawmakers need reasons to make the population accept such measures. An event like 9/11, or possibly bird flu, might be used as a justification for the restriction of civil rights.

Around 1930, at the beginning of the last great crisis, the Earth had one quarter of the inhabitants it has today, pollution was low, the rain forests were intact, the seas were healthy and people lived in extended families. Two thirds of the population worked in agriculture and nuclear energy was unknown. Then, a number of Europeans, having a 'Plan B', emigrated to Latin America. Millions, who preferred to stay in Europe, died in the war.

Today, everything is different. The world is overpopulated, contamination is incredible, rain forests and oceans are dying, and 'Peak Everything' is a whole lot closer. Only 2% of the population is employed in agriculture, 500 nuclear power plants are surrounding us and big parts of the society are in a doomsday mood. Therefore, now's the time to secure existential needs because there is not enough 'Plan B' for all of us.

There Is No Planet B, But There Is A Plan B: Finca B!