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  Panama   Culture In Panama
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    Panama is a small country which has only been populated and developed in the last 100 Years. The best place to experince the culture, which is characterized by Spanish and indigenous influences, is upcountry where it's not about money in the first place. Watching parades, in which carts are being pulled by oxen is much more fun than being fogged by diesel engines in the city. Polleras, the female national costume, may be seen throughout Latin America, however, the Panamanian way is a very special one.
This photo was taken in Sona, a small town of 5,000 inhabitants, about 40 kilometers away from Finca Bayano.
There is a hospital, there are pharmacies, supermarkets, banks, gas stations, and almost everything we need to buy.
The Salsa musician, Rubén Blades, is one of the few Panamanians that is know outside the country. Some of his songs: Pena de Amor and El Padre Antonio and Por tu mala maña te están buscando and Maria Lionza and Lorarás and Amor y Control and Canto a la Muerte