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  Panama   Climate In Panama
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    People who intend to come to Panama should not have problem with high temperatures. At - 500 meters/1,600 feet above sea level - the temperature never rises above 35°C/95°F, however, it's always summer here. Immigrants should be aware of that.
During the dry season, it's very hot at times, however, the temperature during the night is always ideal. The dry season begins in January and usually ends in late April. In this period, the sky is almost entirely bright blue. During the day, the temperature is often in the nineties; during the night it's in the seventies.
Strong precipitations may be expected in May and from July the sky is often overcast. Therefore, the second half of the year is the more pleasant part, especially for people with fair skin. Then, the day temperature is in the eighties, while at night it's in the high sixties.
These figures relate to Finca Bayano in the province of Veraguas. Panama City, certainly is too hot. So, don't fall apart arriving at the airport.