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  Panama   People In Panama
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    Around 70% of the population is mixed. Blacks and Mulattos are some 15%, Whites are 10% and Indios are only five percent. 99.5% are Christians. In the cities, there are some 10,000 Jews and as many Muslims. The latter are very quiet people who find it difficult to understand what is happening in other countries. The Kuna tribe, the largest indigenous group in Panama and the second smallest people on the planet, have been living for 200 years on the Caribbean coast as well as the San Blas Islands. They are about 60,000 people.
A large part of the population has never left the country. They have seen snow and deserts only on TV. Upcountry, there are people who have not even been to Panama City. Whereas Western people are flying thousands of kilometers to their favorite beach,
according to an estimate 50% of all Panamanians have never bathed in the sea, though no point in the country is furher than 50 kilometers away from one of the coasts. The water is salty, they say...