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  Panama   Your New Home?
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    If you are looking for a new home country because the one you are living in can no longer be considered safe, take a good look around.
You should not go to a country in which attacks such as those of Paris in 2015 or 9/11 are likely. Thus, a big number of countries no longer qualify. Your new home country should also not be in the focus of political interests, because you don't want to be where a war starts. This country should not have significant deposits of raw materials which might be the reason for a miltary invasion. Also, the country of your choice should not be densely populated
and it should not be in the vicinity of nuclear plants. And of course, there should have been no war nor a civil wars nor major ethnic conflicts. There are not many countries that can fulfill all of those conditions.
Obviously, this country has to meet good climatic and agricultural conditions and it goes without saying that it should be easy to get a residence and work permit.