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  Panama is located far away from 'problematic areas' and, compared to other countries, it's easy and affordable to obtain a permanent residence as well as a work permission. The fact that the country has good relations with both the neighboring countries, Costa Rica and Colombia, was very important to me when I bought the land to establish Finca Bayano. As far as the climate is concerned, food may be produced all-year-round in the tropical regions of America. For that reason, neither wars over land and water nor migrations have to be expected, in the event of a crash. Even the total disappearance of pesticides and artificial fertilizers would not lead to food shortages, as there is sufficient land for the permanent production of organic food.

One of the most important aspects, however, is the fact that Panama uses the US dollar as legal tender. This may be a very big advantage in the case of a deflationary collapse. Precious metals will not be a good choice, and other currencies will lose value against the dollar, in a deflation. In size, Panama may be compared to South Carolina or Ireland. The country has four million inhabitants, about half of whom are living in the densely populated metropolitan area of Panama City; especially the area around Finca Bayano is sparcely populated.
A global crash would be felt in Panama, too. The canal business and the banks would be hit badly and real estate would collapse as foreign investors would no longer be parking their money in Panama. As a result, foreign workers would have to go back to their home countries. They couldn't stay without a job and no one would offer them land for subsistent farming without money. Panamanian migrant workers would be affected, too. After losing their work, they would have to return to their relatives in the village. In our case, the number of 'homecomers' would be very small: About 300 villagers from neighboring Garnadera are working in Panama City, and the less people that are coming back after the crash, the better. In times of a major crisis, you wouldn't want to be close to many people, because less people means less problems. For that reason, I established Finca Bayano close to a small village.

There No Guarantees, But Panama Is The Best Alternative.