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    In 2017, I have planned to build three dams at Finca Bayano, highlighted in yellow in the map. On the one hand, they will be used as water reservoirs, fish farming may be done on the other. Apart from that, small water pumps may be driven by the water power to irrigate nearby areas. The construction of the first dam has started in January 2016; a video will be released very soon. More than ten dams may be build at the creek along its course of 1,500 meters over Finca Bayano.
The first step building the dam is to
cement two lower drain pipes in the river bed to make sure the water continues to flow, while we are building the dam above. In the future, the drain pipes will only be needed if the reservoir has to be drained. Once the wall has reached a hight of 1.50 meters, a number of upper drain pipes are cemented in. Eventually, the lower drain pipes are closed. The water rises and runs through the upper drain pipes that have grids in order to keep the fish in the reservoir.