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  2017   Electricity
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    Besides the construction of the dams, the installation of electricity will be the largest project at Finca Bayano in 2016. 10 poles, marked red in the map, will be placed in a distance of 100 meters. Four transformers are needed to transform the high-voltage to two phases of 110 Volts. They are marked in yellow. Besides, I am evaluating the possibility of using underground cables.
The poles are made of concrete and have a height of 10 meters. The price of each pole is 350
US$, each of the transformers cost 3,500 US$ and the cables will be around 10,000 US$. The whole project requires about 30,000 US$.
Cost-effective irrigation is only possible with electricity, which is very cheap in Panama.
Diesel or gasoline water pumps are much more expensive to buy and maintain.
Many people have asked me whether I make of 'free energy' use. I would like to do so, but so far no one has shown me how it works ...