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  2017   Aquaponics       back to text
    Aquaculture + Hydroponics = Aquaponics
Whereas Hydroponics needs nutrients for the plants as well as periodic flushing, in Aquaculture excess nutrients must be removed from the system. Combining both, negative aspects are turned into positives. As the water is circulating between the fish container (FC) and the grow bed (GB), sufficient nutrients are delivered to the plants, whereas the fish are supplied with clean water.
Fruits and vegetables may be produced naturally and efficiently on small surfaces saving up to 90% water.
Aquaponics was used by the Egyptians already. They realized that rice grew better when fish were in the water. This technique may be be used to feed a growing population. get organic food
2. fish excrete faeces
3. faeces develop Ammonium
4. water flows from FC to GB
5. Ammonium changes to Nitrite
6. Nitrite changes to Nitrate
7. Nitrate is absorbed by the plants
8. water flows back clean to FC