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  Unless you have arrived at this website by chance, you are probably expecting that the situation will worsen this year and you might also expect that the system eventually will have to collapse. 'Eventually' could be in 2017. Hopefully that won't be the case and hopefully we will have a few more years to prepare, but according to what is happening around us, I feel that this year we are at the crossroads. China, North Corea, South Africa and Europe - the fire has been lit and the flames are getting higher.
If you have managed to
save some money and you have built up some reserves over the years, you might ask yourself what you can do in order not to lose what you were working for very hard. And if you are aware of the fact that the high standard of living is a result of an extreme debt, you certainly know that there is one thing that may not be avoided: A total crash.
the value of your property has fallen below its registered debt, you don't have to ask yourself anymore what you can do in order not to lose what you were working for. In other words: If you are you waiting too long you might not be able to emigrate anymore. For that reason, you will possibly be forced to make decisions in 2017.
At Finca Bayano, we will continue to do our ever best we can, as we did in the years before. Apart from the planting of the land we will start fish and chicken farming as well as the breeding of dogs for our safety. Furthermore, we are going to build dams at the creek, build the first houses in our village and install electricity. The new backhoe will play an essential role in 2017.  Eventually, the first inhabitants will arrive at Finca Bayano to contribute to our development. Also, as you can read at 'Projects', there are many things that we can do to get well established in Panama, within the local community around us. It may be a bad year for many, it should be a good one for us.
The best slaves are those who are not aware that they are enslaved!